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The gorgeous sunshine lady herself, Sunita Harley Photo by Daniela Cardore


I can’t remember how I came across Sunita Harley, founder of the Lucky Things blog, it was via Instagram (of course) and I recall immediately being interested in her social media feed and then binge reading her blog. Sunita’s journal regarding her IVF experience which really challenged my very whimsical thoughts on reproduction.  You can read about her IVF journey here.

Sunita also organises cool events for mums providing a forum to get together, learn share and grow.  We went to one in October and had a great time.  We were able to meet other mama bloggers IRL and catch up with ones we had already met, PLUS we came away with an awesome goody bag with treats from Weleda.



October 2016’s Lucky Things Meet Up.



Anyway this post is the first in a series of Gratitude posts as I am trying to make a point of recording what I am grateful for in an intentional way.  My gratitude journals will be about people, places, experiences and things that deserve a proper shout out.


Why Sunita?  Well not only is she a positive ray of sunshine she is actually about the lifestyle she promotes on her blog and social media platforms.  Sunita has a career portfolio that includes, DJ-ing, modelling, working in the fashion industry and most notably a career in HR spanning over fifteen years .  Sunita is utilising the skills, experience and qualifications she has acquired to support mothers with confidence, career, wellbeing, parenting and style.  Lets face it all of those things take often take a back seat when you become a mum and we need to be reminded that we are whole people as well as mums…Lucky Things is that reminder.    Sunita has set up a HR consultancy called Collective Insight, you can read a bit of what she brings to the table here


Sunita also shares her and her husbands IVF story in the hope that it will inspire, inform and encourage.  She left her shining city HR career to freelance enabling her to focus on the above.  Sunita has some very cool projects in the pipeline ranging from inspirational talks to collaborations with brands such as LK Bennett.


Now keep in mind I met Sunita via instagram and prior to our panel discussion event in December 2016 I had only met her in real life once at her event.  Our meeting was almost fleeting as she was the host and obviously very busy.  I had already established that she has a penchant for photography and supporting women via some good old insta stalking (what??  We all do it mine is in the open… unless it’s a crush then it’s a straight up Mrs Marple covert operation).  I asked her if she could be the official photographer for our event and crossed my fingers as I pressed send on the email.  Despite the event being on a Tuesday evening five days away from Christmas she agreed and gave us mates rates as she wanted to support our endeavour, my heart is warming up as I type!  It’s a big deal for parents especially mums (#facts) to come out on a school night to do side hustle work after a full day at work, work and the usual family stuff so Sunita agreeing to this was SUPER special.  We are forever grateful for your input Sunita – like really, REALLY.  We have a lovely record of our evening which will last forever thanks to you Sunita.


The photo’s are gorgeous and really captured the positive vibe of an evening that could have been heavy given the subject matter.  You can read more about that here.


We hope you enjoy Sunita’s photos of our event 💜



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