Minted Peas



I was late to the Nando’s macho peas party, I can’t believe no one told me!!  Anyway I decided to make my own…. mine are way better! 👀


Here is my recipe!



(Don’t shade my iceland shopping!! 🌚).

Frozen peas – amount depends on how many people you are cooking for

Frozen chopped onions – self care comes in all forms babe.

Handful of fresh mint.

Some of my scotch bonnet jam recipe for that here.

Bay leaves



Fry some of your frozen onion’s in a little oil until they are soft.  Add a couple of bay leaves (bay leaves are life).




Add a tea spoon of scotch bonnet jam to the onions and bay leaves.  You *can* use sweet chilli sauce but for mxm effect you need the real deal.



Then add some peas… quantity all depends on how many people you are cooking for…



Finely chop a handful of fresh mint and add to the peas.



Once the peas are cooked through they are ready to serve!







Always with love,

Tamu xx


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