We are collaborating with Cee founder of very witty motherhood blog, “Hey is That Me?’  to create a planting project and we would like you to join us!!


We think that planting fruit, vegetables and or plants is a wonderful way to get our children away from screens and engaged in an activity that is fun, educational and encourages them to eat their veggies by tasting and cooking what they have grown.  Planting tasks also encourage us to put our phones down and connect with our children without distraction *insert emoji eyes* (put your phone down, but not away as you’ll need it to take pictures if you join in!!).


We would like to share our love of growing things with you starting next month (which is basically now). From Sunday 5th March 2017 we would like you to join us by planting something with your children and nurture it until it blooms. If you want to participate we would like you to keep a photo journal and share it on social media.  We ask that you tag us @motherhood_rx and @heyisthatme and use the hashtag #HeyitsMRbloom so that we can find you and repost your pics.  We would love to see and share images of you and your green-fingered crew nurturing your plant to full bloom/ harvest (#reaching)… It’s not a competition though, we are doing it for the activity value and to encourage you to engage in a long(ish) term project with your child(ren).


Below we have a list of plants, fruit and veg that should be planted in Spring. Pick how many you like, but be realistic!  It shouldn’t cost more than a tenner…  Each item on the list has a hyperlink to information on how to grow it, do your googles though as I didn’t conduct any in-depth research.  If you have any additional tips please do share as we aren’t Alan Titchmarsh!



Onions, Spring onions and Shallots

Early potatoes (I am not sure if they differ from on time or late potatoes!)

Lettuce (prob a good idea with the recent shortage)

Tomatoes (can be grown indoors on a windowsill)




Chilli (windowsill grower)










Sunflowers (The easiest apparently, we had mixed results last year)


Sweet Peas


Marigold (good for keeping bugs away from vegetable patches is also edible as it’s actually a herb)




We look forward to blooming with you!


Always with love,

xx Tamu, Lee & Cee 

3 Responses
  • Sareta
    February 26, 2017

    This is such a cute idea! By the way, I’ve only just (well last month) planted the bulbs you gave out at the first Motherhood RX meet up 😬

    • Motherhood Reconstructed
      February 26, 2017

      I haven’t planted mine… I forgot to give Leah hers so you are doing better than us! I am glad someone has planted!! I hope you can take part in this in your new home (congratulations to you all!!). We are going to do this for real… FOR REAL! <3

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