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On 14th June 2017 we had the pleasure of celebrating our first anniversary with a panel discussion called, “Raising Excellence” you can read more about the idea behind the panel and the awesome queens that slayed it here.

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The panel was lit, there were jokes, pearls of wisdom, common issues, finger snaps and bants.  I could try to recount some gems but I won’t as the video of the event will be on her VERY soon.  

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In addition to the above there were thought provoking questions from the audience and mama’s sharing parts of their stories that made us high five, laugh and eye roll simultaneously.  There was also an epic cake made by Leah’s mum aka Cakes By Jem!  Oh and the wine!  More importantly real connections were made in a space where we could just be.

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We would like to say a huge thank you to our lit AF panel:

Marianne Miles 

Sareta Fontaine

Cee Olaleye 

Be Manzini

Last but not at all least our fantastic moderator, Yvadney Davis .

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We would also like to say a great big thank you the following brands for their support:

Afro Hair and Skin Company

Liha Beauty 

Weleda UK

Cantu Beauty UK


Treats Hair Naturelle

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We are very grateful to you all.


Here’s to another year <3



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