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Today we spend a day with Marsha Powell owner of Eve and Grace boutique wellness studio in Battersea, South West London.  Eve & Grace’s aim is to create a space where women and children can take time, connect with themselves and look after their health in intimate classes taught by qualified and experienced professionals.  Marsha is a grinder, if you follow her on social media you will see her sharing stories on her way to work at 7am, going home to cook dinner and then continue working until the late night hours and nearly always with a smile!

Marsha keeps it 100, sharing the struggle of juggling a business with motherhood but always bouncing back without any of that #goodvibesonly shit, sometimes she is dragging herself to work BUT she does it, she keeps it moving, some days slow, some days like dynamite.  Marsha’s consistency is enabling her to maintain her business and provide a service that makes people feel good.  Not to mention her involvement with young women’s empowerment Charity, BelEve UK.  Lets find out how Marsha manages her day!

I set my alarm for…. 6:30 am, however I am up way before my alarm.  My eyes normally open around 5 am.

I actually get up at… I get up about 7:30 am, depending on the plans for my day. I like to be up before my children leave the house, so that I can see them off.

My morning ritual(s) is/ are… Meditate –  I spend at least 30 minutes connecting with myself, and giving thanks.  I find it sets me up for the day and when I do not have my 30 minutes I feel unbalanced.

What do you do next? Jump in the shower, if one of my sisters do not call me before.

To wake my kid(s) up I… 6:30am, my daughter wakes up herself but I most often have to wake up my son with a shout and another shout unless he is going to elite football at school that starts at 7am.…

For breakfast I have… Hmmmmmm, sometimes toast and a black tea.

My go to outfit is… Gym wear.  Leggings a top and a pair of Adidas and I am off.

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I chose my career/ job / business because… I used to work in Financial Services for over 15 years, starting my career as a HR business partner. I loved my job.  My natural attributes are problem solving, thinking outside the box and impact and influence all the things I love about being a HR Business Partner.  My current business Eve & Grace still requires me to use the skills needed to be a Business Partner.  I enjoy meeting new people and understanding what motivates them to achieve their goals.

Describe your typical work day… I drive to Eve & Grace in Battersea for between 9/10 AM. On the way in I check into at least one of my sisters if I have not already do so, to catch up and wish them a good day and listen to LBC.

When I arrive at the studio I get my cleaning skates on ready for the first class, check emails and do my things to do list for the day and catch up with my assistant.   During the day, I will catch up with my Sister Chyloe and we will discuss all things BelEve UK (the Charity I founded)

During the down times of the studio I do a combination of social media, finance, data analysis of Eve & Grace’s management information, liaise with my teachers and meet and greet customers. Running a wellness studio requires you to juggle and lot of balls and keep smiling.

For lunch I have… It all depends, I do not have a set lunch time, my regular dish is Jacket potato, tuna and sweetcorn, protein and carbs to keep me going as dinner time may be after 9 pm.

My biggest career related achievement is… Setting up BelEve UK and gaining funding of over £45K in the first year, having never written a funding bid in my life.

I dread work when… When I have to do the finances I dread it.

At the end of the work day I… Drive home to LBC, catch up with my kids and rebalance in my room, my favorite place.

The first thing I do when I get home is… Go straight into the kitchen.

My go to dinner is… Chicken & Rice, quick and easy.

I unwind with… talking to one of my sisters

Before I go to bed I… Pray Or Meditate

Thank you for sharing your day with us Marsha, you’ve inspired us to be more consistent with mediation in the morning, start the day off grounded and all that! You can keep up with Marsha via the links below:


Personal Instagram

Business Instagram



2 Responses
  • Annika Spalding
    September 11, 2017

    This was a nice read. I met Marsha after she invited me to speak at one of her dinners, and I love seeing how far she has progressed. I think she has some real good values and you can tell that family is at the heart of who she is and what she does.

    • Motherhood Reconstructed
      September 12, 2017

      That’s beautiful I love how we are out here making connections in real life and quantifying what’s in the squares 💜

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