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Today we have the pleasure of spending a day with Sonia Meggie, founder of CIC Inspirational You, Diversity advisor and founder of the accessory brand Funky n Chunky.

We have described Sonia as a ‘gentle powerhouse’ as she is one of the kindest, most hardworking, impactful people we know. Sonia’s community work via Inspirational You has positively impacted thousands of women and young people across the UK with panel discussions, masterclasses and workshops in venues ranging from local community hubs to the Houses of Parliament! Sonia also has a positive impact in Ghana by working with local artisans to manufacture products the Funky n Chunky brand.  Sonia’s work has literally impacted thousands of people.

Sonia’s next event ‘Women at The Top’ takes place at the Houses of Parliament on 16/11/17. The line up is stellar! You can read more about it and get your tickets here.


Sonia does all of this whilst raising a daughter who we think is shaping up to be a world class athlete and potential Oxbridge graduate!  Let’s see how Sonia does it all!


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I set my alarm for…. 6 30am


I actually get up at… 6.55


My morning ritual is… I say a prayer and say thank you for another day.


What do you do next? My daughter and I get ready for school and I catch up on social media and emails, posting and updating on various platforms. I check my to-do list and diary. Do the school run and then head to the gym or my first meeting.


To wake my daughter up I… My daughter is really disciplined and is an early riser during term time. Outside of that, I give her a kiss and prompt her to get up soon.


For breakfast I have… Generally toast and avocado with a fresh lemon and ginger tea.

My go to outfit is…This varies according to my agenda. Regardless of the day, it will always be colourful and rarely all black. I always wear my jewellery and this is somewhat a trademark.


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I chose my business because… I want to make an impact and see the progression and empowerment of women.


Describe your typical work day… Catch up with my team via a conference call or virtual meeting. Client meetings or diversity training with large organisations. Liaise with my team in Ghana. My evenings consist of community meetings, diversity related events or the school run.


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For lunch I… I try and grab a workout or have a working lunch. I am a pescatarian and am increasing trying new dishes.


My biggest career related achievement is… Hearing new stories from Inspirational YOU attendees and members who have changed careers, secured work experience, been offered a job and fed back that we have positively impacted their life. Success is more about “us” achieving our goals and seeing progression.


I dread work when… I do not feel this way as try to see the positive in every situation. If I feel stretched, then I ask for help or get advice and encouragement from friends and family. If I ever felt dread, then I need to leave as my wellbeing comes first.


If I could exchange my business for any business in the world it would be because… I had secured a role or financial backing that had enabled me to reach a wider audience to have an even bigger impact and my brand was going global.


At the end of the work day I… My highlight is talking to my daughter to find out about her day and /or achievements in a sports competition, prepare presentations, attend external events or meet any of the charitable organisations that I support. If I do not have any evening meetings, my highlight is enjoying our family dinners and catching up with my family over the telephone.

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The first thing I do when I get home is… I say thank you for getting home safely and prepare dinner.


My go to dinner is… Salmon, sweet potato, rocket, plantain and avocado.


I unwind with… Netflix, a good book and a herbal infusion tea.


Before I go to bed I… I usually speak to my mother, check my dairy, prepare my to-do list, update social media, reply to emails and enquiries, prepare research, training or event prep for anything upcoming.


Sonia, we don’t know how you do all that you do but we are so grateful you have such a huge positive impact with all that you do!  Thank you for sharing a day with us.


You can keep up with Sonia via the links below.


@inspirational_U @FunkyNChunky




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