A Day With… Vean Torto 


Today we spend the day with Vean Torto. In her former life Vean was a Florist, Event Planner, Songwriter, Writer and is now a stay at home Mum  of 4.

I set my alarm for….

I actually get up at…
The time always depends on how organised I’ve been the night before! If a sink full of dishes await me then I’m out of the bed even before the alarm goes off but If me and the hubby have sorted the place the previous night I don’t rush out of bed. The house rule I live by is the need for the place to be organised before my little people wake up. Four kids and chaos is the stuff of nightmares for me.

My morning ritual(s) is/ are. 
In getting up at this time I have some me time before the eldest girls wake up. I pray and give thanks for a new day asking God take to take control. It’s so easy to be frazzled with overwhelm so I find peace in knowing he is on my side working it alI out for my good in advance of the day kicking off. My Christian faith is everything! I always woke to the sound of mum praying every morning, it was a ritual that brought peace and routine so I like to think my kids are experiencing that with me following her footsteps. After I pray I run through in my mind what needs to get done during the day – admin for the family business, any appointments, pieces I’ve been asked to write etc and because of my former battle with depression it’s at this moment I choose happiness and instruct my attitude into one of gratitude. Then I pick up my phone!!! I scroll FB and Insta and start writing a post for my social media pages, I normally have one ready to just ‘publish’ but most often than not I’m inspired at that precise moment by a thought so I’ll create a spontaneous post be it poetry or one of my inspirational pieces.

What do you do next?
I jump in the shower, my life entails being at least 3 steps ahead of my kids at all times. So getting my shower out the way, and getting dressed makes me feel I’m ready for them.

To wake my kid(s) up I…
I go into the girls room just after 7 am open the curtains and holla like some kind of mum Alarm clock! Firstborn gets up immediately and as my self appointed PA begins by reminding me about everything I must do like a living, breathing to-do list! Second born isn’t a morning person so by now I’m bribing her or appealing to her fiercely competitive nature that if she gets up now she’ll be the winner! They shower, brush teeth (I assist the 5yo) then they go and get dressed. Their uniforms down to underwear are all laid out by my eldest the night before.
My son gets woken up at 7.30. We all spend this period trying hard not to wake the baby of the family who is asleep in her cot. If she does get up before I’d like her to she just toddles between rooms causing her usual mischief!

For breakfast I have…
Toast and peppermint tea if hubby is doing the morning school run and I eat nothing until I get back if I am on driving duty. Either way I eat nothing until the kids have left…just no time!

My go to outfit is…
Skinny jeans, T shirt, ankle boots or trainers and biker jacket.

I chose my career because…
I’m a stay at home mum after leaving my career as a florist and event planner when pregnant with my second child. After her birth I set up my own Floral design business. It really was fantastic but by the time I became pregnant with my youngest child I called time on it and mum life became my full time job! I chose to have these kids and I know what I can handle versus what would possibly push me over the edge…so yeah bye bye 4 am market runs until further notice!

Describe your typical day…
So let’s assume it’s our family routine of the hubby doing the morning school run. Me and baby girl wave them goodbye, close the door and look into the hallway mirror as I pretend to be totally flabbergasted by yet another successful morning of having made breakfast x3, hair brushed/ neatened x3, packed lunches x2, water bottles done x3, homework diaries signed, permission slips removed from fridge into correct back packs and if it’s Tuesday and Wednesday additional snacks placed in the correct backpacks too for after school activities.
The sound of our home is like a school playground, it’s loud, it’s fast it’s busy! At the front door faces are inspected to ensure no one leaves with a milk moustache or shoes on the wrong feet!

First thing I do next is…
Hit the kitchen and tidy away evidence of the morning, I then get baby girl dressed and fed ( up to this point she’s had a bottle of milk) we have to pick up my son in approximately 3 hrs so we’re on the clock. Once she’s sorted I put on kids tv for her and lay out all her toys and I prep the evening meal. If it’s a roast it’s on by 12.30pm. Stew or curry then it’s on slowly throughout the morning and I’ll do whatever sides are required like veg/ potatoes /pasta/ rice after the third and final school run. If it’s a club/ music lesson day, doctors appointments, someone unwell, basically anything that steals time, dinner will be oven cooked frozen food or a takeaway. Yeessss!

Once Jude is home from nursery he has his lunch and baby girl will nap. After that he will play and I’ll write. I journal, write poetry, revisit my past for more content and inspiration to write about and jot down the million words that fly around my head each day. I can be cooking and start tapping away an essay, literally look at a tree and be inspired to write something about self love . Lol. 3am in the morning is my favourite writing time. It started during my pregnancies and now it’s a habit I fall into at least 3 times a week. I pay for the lack of sleep later though.
By 2.45pm it’s let’s get our coats on time to do the last school run of the day.

For lunch I…
Eat left overs or make a quick pasta dish.

My biggest achievement as a SAHM is…
Having my kids in the first place! After my reproductive health issues with endometriosis, cysts, fibroids and adhesions I was told they would never feature in my life plan so as much as it’s tough at times you will normally see me relishing in my role as mum of my little tribe. It’s a blessing.

I dread my day when…
The hubby is away with work, even though it actually makes me more efficient at mumming because I am solo it can also be stressful because it all rests on me. It’s a military operation, it has to be but the kids are used to Drill Sergeant Mummy! They even say they prefer it because mummy drives faster and apparently I don’t forget things!!! My motto is ” I ain’t going out like that” meaning this will not finish me, I’m not bowing to the pressure, you will see me at the other end of this tunnel, twirling with lipstick on! I apply it to all tasks and it really motivates me to push on. I get it from my mama. She never looked like the load she carried. People always say I don’t look like I have 4 kids, well that’s my motto working then!

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… 
Returning to music. Before kids, hubby, event planning and floral design there was music and songwriting. It’s in my blood. I’m from a family of singers and musicians and it’s the part of me I’m most proud of outside of my tribe. It goes hand in hand with being a writer. I’m an emotional soul who writes and sings her way out of issues and if that fails there’s always a cheeky glass or two of moscato that will help!

At the end of my day I…
By now the kids are all together again. Everyone is out of uniform and in ‘house clothes’ including me! Packed lunches emptied of rubbish, back packs AND school shoes at the front door. Now they are all allowed tablet and TV time. After 6 hours in school this is their time to unwind. I finish dinner and maybe have a natter with a girlfriend on the phone while I cook.

The first thing I do when I get home is…
Take off my skinny jeans, whip the bra off and put on my slippers! Bliss! I do nothing else until this is done. I’m normally followed by the children while I do this with them fighting over who’s turn it is to tell me something! I’m listening but more entertained by the banter they have between each other rather than their actual story!

My go to dinner is ….
Chicken and rice! What can I say! I is black!

I unwind with…
The hubby, a glass of moscato and a box set. On the sly I’m still normally writing on my phone, he’s so used to me!

Before I go to bed I…
Check on my babies then hit the sack mentally preparing myself to do it all again tomorrow!





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