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Today we spend a day with Cindy Theodore, mother of two, wife and owner of Maman Gateau .  Maman Gateau is a a fun children’s gift brand that uses fabrics that are synonymous with West Africa to make useful gifts for children ranging from (very cool) bibs to hareem pants (that should come in adults sizes too!).  In addition to family life and running a business Cindy works as a flight attendant on a part time basis. 


We met Cindy at the Lucky Things “Let’s Dance” (shout out Sunita!) event in October and were in awe of Cindy’s dance moves and her warm, kind and genuine energy.  Let’s see how Cindy manages her average day…


I set my alarm for… 6.30am when I have a 7am pilates class but I usually get up at 7.30/8am

My morning ritual(s)…   I wake up around 4am without an alarm, I meditate seated in my bed for about 30/45mins then I go back to sleep. I will then meditate for another 5 mins before I actually get up.

What do you do next?  I get the boys ready for school, give them breakfast and finally get myself ready. When I am flying I just look after myself and my mother in law will look after the boys. We are so lucky to have her in our life.


To wake my children up I… The boys wake up around 7/7.30 and stay in their bedroom playing. They will come to our bedroom only when they want their breakfast.  They have their own alarm clock and sometimes they can be very good at getting dressed for school by themselves.

Photo by @lscapture_photostudio

For breakfast I have…  A bowl of porridge or 2 fried eggs with a slice of ham and a big cup of green tea. When time permits, I will make a fresh smoothie for everyone.

My go to outfit is… Jeans and trainers. I spent many years in a boarding school where jeans weren’t allowed so now I make the most of it. In summer I love the practicality of a simple dress and flip-flops.

I chose my career/ job because…  I work part time (every other week) as an air hostess for an English airline. I didn’t really choose it, I just met the right person at the right time. When I am not flying I work on Maman Gâteau, my small business of baby essentials handmade with African print. I created the business when I was pregnant with my first son, Toussaint.

Describe your typical work day…  I drop the boys to school by 9am. Their school is only 5 minutes away. When I return home I meditate for about an hour if I was too tired to do it at 4am. I know it sounds a lot of meditation going on in my life but it is necessary to keep me centred and grounded in the present. It helps in stressful situations immensely. Then I will work start by replying to emails, making calls or/and packing for my stockists/online orders etc… After lunch I will start cutting fabric and sewing. I am very wary of the time because I want to do so much before I pick up the boys and then rush to their after school activities.

For lunch I have…  Brown rice/nice salad with chicken or a juicy ribeye steak. Toby, my husband and the boys are vegetarian so lunch is meat time for me.

My biggest career related achievement is… Founding Maman Gâteau. I never planned to run my own business. It just happened and I am loving it.

I dread work when… Never because I got to do what I love, travelling and being creative.

If I could exchange my career for any career in the world it would be… A professional dancer because I love dancing so much. The music through my body make me feel invincible and empowered. I particularly like contemporary dance that focuses on free movement, versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. I am a free spirit.

At the end of the work day… I like to listen music

The first thing I do when I get home… Is take off my clothes and get comfortable.

My go to dinner is… Thai or Vietnamese but really nothing beats Haitian food.

I unwind with with… Meditation, reading/listening to an audiobook or just staring at my neighbour’s wild garden.

Before I go to bed I… At the moment I’m teaching meditation to the boys so they fall asleep very quickly. Then Toby and I will watch a movie on Amazon prime, talk…

Before falling asleep I will talk myself through how my day went and then I thank the universe for my blessings.

Thank you Cindy, your day sounds idyllic because you make it that way.


You can check out Cindy and Maman Gateau via the links below <3








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