Dylan 28.11.05


My plan was to have Dylan in a Birthing Centre, I was young, I was healthy, there would be no problem I thought. Haha, was I wrong.

During one of my check ups I sat on a bed whilst a nurse took my blood pressure twice, then left the room. I sighed, because I’d already been there an hour because they were running late. She came back with another nurse and she took a blood test then left the room again. They finally came and looked at me like I insulted their mums, they looked shocked, worried- slightly terrified. I sat there wondering wtf was going on.

One of them explained that they suspected that I had Pre-eclampsia and that I had to go to the hospital. Now, I’d never heard of this, and I felt fine. Maybe a bit annoyed by the look of my gigantic ‘Hulk’ like swollen hands and feet but again, I felt fine. I was a bit naive and asked if I could go home because I had stuff to do… they insisted that I went straight away, it was an emergency situation.

Now, long story short, coz guuuurl… I had to stay in hospital for about 2 weeks before I was induced. I had contractions and was feeling like – mate, what’s all the fuss about, this is nothing. Little did I know I hadn’t dilated very much over the last 24 hours and my body really wasn’t doing much. I was told that I had to have a c-section so they tried to give me an epidural. This is when things went down hill. I had fits, actual fits, I saw stars and I was completely out of it. They had to put me to sleep and give me an emergency c-section.

Dylan was born two weeks early in the end, but was making funny goat noises and blowing bubbles when breathing. He was born with Group B Strep, an infection that is passed from mother to child during labour.

We are both very fortunate to be here today, but I’m still somewhat angry at the care that was given. You can test for Group B Strep, but you’re not offered it. Now I know the NHS can only afford so much, but that’s something I would have paid for if I had known about it.

As for the Pre-eclampsia, well, my GP found protein in my urine a month before my ordeal, if they’d kept an eye on me it could have been found earlier. Also, shout out to the nurse who lost my notes after my c-section and told me to just have the same medication as the lady opposite. Mate… You really don’t value your job.

I do however, have to thank the guys in the special care unit, they were the ones who looked after Dylan when I couldn’t. For them, I am truly grateful.

Happy Birthday Dylan! Xx

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  • Zara
    November 28, 2017

    Omg, I’m a strep B carrier too –
    I only found this out AFTER both my babies as they had found a polyp internally and well…
    I came up positive for strep B but gladly clear everywhere else, I just count my blessings that I had 2 emergency c sections.

    Negligence is so awful and unfortunately common (my sister nearly lost her son due to undetected gestational diabetes despite her community midwife finding protein in her urine numerous times) again he arrived safely – albeit weight 10lb 11oz *wince*

    It’s just lovely he’s here, safe, happy, healthy and enjoying life! Happy birthday Dylan!

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